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About Tuk'r Hill

Tuk'r Hill - A Band With Heart!

Tuk'r Hill is an "All Original" band based in North Port Floride. They are real crowd-pleaser, with a definite draw for fans of all ages. Fans have been known to say things like, "It's been a long time since I've heard something so pure, and down-to-earth, and so fun to listen to!"

Tuk'r Hill's music has a broad appeal, spanning as many as three generations - younger fans like the more driving songs, while baby-boomers and gen-x'ers tend to favor the more melodic songs with more complex vocal harmonies. Whichever category Tuk'r Hill's fans fall into, they all seem to really like what they hear.Jeff, Jimmy, John, and Derrick

"Tuk'r Hill really appreciates, and connects with our fans. We always have. We have fans who, in all the years we've been playing, I don't think have ever missed one of our shows," says Derrick Walters, the sole remaining original founding member of Tuk'r Hill. "That's fan dedication!"

One thing that sets Tuk'r Hill apart from the rest of the pack is the way they blend musical stylings - Tuk'r Hill's music contains elements of rock, country, folk, bluegrass, progressive rock - sometimes with influences that have been described as "Beatle-esque" or reminiscent of bands like Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The band has a unique sound that inspires a sense of nostalgia, conjuring up a feeling of youthful exuberance, and a time when we all were more carefree.

Tuk'r Hill has two albums on CD that have been published, and a third album is currently in production.

Have a listen to some of Tuk'r Hill's music, or watch one of our videos.

As always, Tuk'r Hill is available for tour stops anywhere in North America, with particular emphasis on festivals and concert-style venues.

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The Band Members

Derrick Walters

After picking up the guitar at age eleven, Jackson MS native Derrick saturated himself with music of all types. By the age of fifteen, was playing in clubs with much older musicians. Often they would have to smuggle him in the back door, because of his age.

After playing in several local bands, Derrick fell into an established Mississippi band named "Flicker", and soon was traveling all around North America, playing many top venues opening for such acts as Vixen and The Producers. Unfortunately, Flicker was unable to make the transition to an all-original act, a necessity to attract record company interest, and Derrick became frustrated, and decided to leave the band to dedicate all his time to refining his already very capable songwriting abilities.

His simple, practical theory "The more you do it, the better you get," finally paid off. "It only took about 200 songs before I got really good at it," says Derrick with a smile. After time, the musical styles exhibited in his original compositions took many turns, and through the course of natural musical evolution, metamorphosed into what is now the very unique and characteristic "Tuk'r Hill Sound."

As the tracks for the First Tuk'r Hill CD were being completed with co-writer and drummer, Alan Keeping, Derrick and Alan realized that to promote their music, they would have to form a band to perform the songs in a live setting. "This turned out to be the hardest part," says Derrick. "We just went through a lot of really good musicians who weren't willing to stick it out for the long haul." After becoming frustrated with the revolving door of musicians, Alan decided he'd had enough, and left. He pretty much wrapped it up in one word: "Brutal." Derrick decided, in his typically patient and tenacious manner, to continue, and eventually assembled the group of professional, dedicated musicians he'd been looking for. Now, with the help of Jim Foster, John Santiago, and Don Beaumont, Tuk'r hill is in the process of recording the final few remaining songs for their second CD, and playing live shows as they look to the road ahead.

Jimmy Foster

New York native Jimmy Foster joined Tuk'r Hill in early 2010 contributing not only his strong musicianship, but also another very capable voice, greatly enhancing Tuk'r Hill's vocal harmonies. Jimmy has been playing professionally for many years, and has a great deal of both stage and studio experience.

Jim began his musical career at the tender age of 8, as a drummer. "I remember our first drum set was three parade drums on chairs, and we'd hang the parade cymbals from ropes in my cellar," says Jim, chuckling. By the time Jim reached the age of ten, he had picked up the guitar, and began playing more sophisticated music. "The Beatles lit my wick," he adds.

He played his first gig at age 12, and settled in on the bass guitar by age 14. His quest for better, more professional band colleagues in the 1970s and 1980s brought about his participation in several different bands, performing in venues throughout the New England area - particularly in New York and Connecticut - always striving for the perfect group of musicians, with each band better than the previous one. Jim remembers, "It was a good time to learn, rock music was so new in those days, you sort of learned many styles to take it all in."

Jim began composing and recording his own original music in the 1980s. A Floridian since 1993, he got involved in different musical projects and bands around the area. Most notably "Armed and Dangerous" with drummer JoJo Johns. "That was a great band, and a great experience, until the untimely death of guitarist Bobby Aruta. After that, Derrick and I stumbled upon each other in 2010, and it was almost like you could hear an audible 'click - it was clear we were destined to join musical forces."

John Santiago

John Santiago provides the rhythmic foundation for Tuk'r Hill. John, a Florida transplant originally from Chicago, IL, has been shaped by his exposure to a wide variety of musical styles: the influences of contemporary jazz, fusion, rock, and country all manifest themselves in John's approach to rhythm and percussion.

John grew up playing Latin hand drums, and other percussion instruments. At the age of 11, John saw the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show, and he realized his destiny was to be the drummer in a rock & roll band.

John took advantage of the rich and diverse Chicago music scene to play often as a professional musician, playing covers of other musicians' music. By the time John was 17 years of age, he had played most of the rock venues in Chicago. Moving to Seattle in 1974, John says "I found the music scene there to have the same genre diversity as Chicago - with an added dimension: In Seattle, I had the opportunity to play original material on stage, instead of covers, like I did in Chicago." John also gained extensive studio experience during his 34 years in Seattle.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff grew up in rural Indiana and started playing music at the age of 6 as a violinist, adding guitar and organ soon after. It was a natural transition as his mother played several instrument, including guitar, drums, trumpet, sax and piano.

Jeff started playing in Rock bands at the age of twelve playing high schools and colleges around Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and southern Michigan then toured Europe in the mid-late1970s after a stint in the military then moved to Christian-based Rock and Pop in the early 80s. During this time he began writing and recording on a regular basis. He worked with many Christian artists during the 80s and 90s doing sound, stage management and opening act.

"I joined Tuk'r Hill because it outright sounded like fun. I haven't been disappointed. I love to play. For me that's what it's all about."

The Tuk'r Hill Story

Our History

There have been many amazingly talented musicians that have made great contributions to what Tuk'r Hill is today. People like Don Beaumont, Alan Keeping, Greg Burke, Steve Kerns, Karyn Sylak, Rob Taylor, Ric Zafuto have contributed much time, energy, expertise, skill, and dedication - all of which is very much appreciated, and will never be forgotten.Alan Keeping

Tuk'r Hill was conceived when guitarist/songwriter/singer Derrick Walters was introduced to drummer/songwriter Alan Keeping through a mutual acquaintance. They immediately began writing and recording their own music, which consisted, at the time, of hard-edged guitars and melodic vocals.

Over the next few years, their songs began leaning more towards a lighter, acoustic/electric sound, yet still with catchy, melodic hooks. As the positive response to their songs grew, they realized this was to be the direction of Tuk'r Hill's future.

Greg Burke In October 2007, with the help of loyal friends with a wide range of exceptional musical and technical abilities, they released the self-titled "Tuk'r Hill" CD, an eleven-song compilation with guest musicians Karyn Sylak and Rob Taylor helping out on several tracks.

Derrick then set about the work of forming a band to perform Tuk'r Hill's music live. The band continued to evolve, with each person that came and went leaving their own indelible stamp on the Tuk'r Hill sound.

The current lineup of Tuk'r Hill features four talented, dedicated, lifelong musicians who all share extensive stage and studio experience, who all also compose lyrics and music.Ric Zafuto

Derrick Walters and Jimmy Foster met in early 2010, and Jimmy immediately became a member of Tuk'r Hill. Shortly thereafter, drummer/percussionist John Santiago joined the band, and then in June of 2013 guitarist Jeff Johnson joined the band. These four have joined forces to continue bringing Tuk'r Hill's unique brand of original melodic songs, rich with vocal and instrumental harmonies, to the public via recorded media, as well as live performance.

Tuk'r Hill's reviews have been, without exception, positive, and encouraging.

Watch this space for more details on the fun we've all had together - one big, happy Tuk'r Hill family.